Sunday, October 9, 2011

Is Anyone Out There?

I read once that come October and March teachers have a lull and go thru a bout of "is it over yet."

Knowing this has helped me in years past.  Somehow knowing that I'm not the only one secretly wishing for the school free days of summer made it a little more tolerable and allowed me to muscle through.

This October however, I'm struggling.

I am an individual who desires community.  I desire relationship, someone to relate to. 

I feel isolated, different.  Jared and I haven't ever been big into enrolling the kids in different sports.  There's not a lot we do outside of church and being home largely do to the fact we're homebodies and stay pretty busy just keeping things afloat.  The idea of adding extracurricular activities stresses me out at the sheer thought.

We aren't currently a part of a co-op largely due to the fact I'm not familiar with any in our area. 

Years ago when Jared first approached me about homeschooling my sweet friend Jane D offered me a book entitled So You're Thinking about Homeschooling by Lisa Welchel.  It's an entire book about how different homeschool looks to each family.  How one schools is largely driven by the primary teacher's personality.  I was encouraged to know there isn't necessarily a "wrong" way to school my kids.

I wasn't a traditional student.  My teachers often told my mother that I didn't "fit inside the box."  That was their way of saying I talked too much.  My homeschool is also very non-traditional.  We use a curriculum (Abeka) and we do school M-F.  That's pretty normal, but we scatter about the house.  Each kid has a file box with his school work.  They work at their own pace and I just make sure they do all they're supposed to for the day and grade their work. 

I'm rambling, what is the purpose of this blog? 

Encouragement.  I need it, desire it, long for it. 

I need to know that just because I homeschool and you don't that we can still be friends. 

I need you to know that I don't think you're wrong for public schooling and in months like these I contemplate it myself.

I need to know that there are other homeschool mothers out there that struggle like I am struggling. 

Is there anyone out there?


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, it's Abie. I admire you for homeschooling. If it makes you feel any better, we are public schoolers and we are struggling very badly right now as well. There are days when I want to pull my kids out of school and never send them back. It's an adjustment and I know we will get it worked out soon. You're kids are very fortunate to have you as their educator. No one knows them better! On a side note. . .happy new house. I have thought of you guys often and I'm so happy for you! Take care and tell everyone hello for me.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Sweet Shannon - I'm here! I officially become a homeschool mom in one week when we move away from the International school and on to our home in Borneo. I'm excited - but I'm also terrified. We won't have a lot of extra-curricular activities either. There are very few English-speaking friends for my older two at all. And while I have all sorts of high and lofty dreams, I know homeschooling is not going to be easy for me OR for Brooklyn, our little social butterfly. This is simply something that none of us can do on our own, but it is the task we have been given. We have to depend just that much more on God's strength and grace, don't we? Sometimes, I feel like I live in an endless cycle of learning to depend on God's strength in my weakness. Can't I just have one thing that I don't need His help to accomplish?! I'm praying for you to feel extra-encouraged! You can pray for me too! My friend and fellow MAF-er, Joy, has started a great new blog that is very encouraging. She's a homeschool mom to 5 as well!

Twisted said...

as to a co-op in the area. Check with Brooke Nowlin. The group at Wallula still meets, but only once or twice a month. It's changed and it might not be so overwhelming as it use to be.
I think we all hit these points in homeschooling. I've been scared to death lately about high school with the boys and running out of time to teach them all I want them to learn. They grow up too fast.
You are in my prayers.

By the way, I love the highlights in your hair and bought a do it yourself at home kit. I'd love to have you come over sometime and guide me through this process and let the kids play, ifin' you'd like too.

Anonymous said...

Fellow homeschooling Mom. We live out in the boonies, no sports available that don't require enrollment in public school. No groups within a 30 mile radius. We are farmers. It is currently harvest season. We use ABeka which makes it easier for me - I've been on a combine or auger wagon or semi truck for the last 3+ weeks - every day, all day until well after dark. I would LOVE a few days off - but not for another week or two. Sometimes, I give myself a real pity party about how lonely and isolated it is, but then I remember how big God is and how much He loves us and our kids. I have to stop comparing us to others. Therein lies the discouragement. Hard work is rewarding. This is where God has moved us and I have LEARNED to be content. Slow down a bit. Struggling, you said. To meet whose goal of what?