Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting Back to Normal

-Thank you for all your encouragement.  I'm getting into a new groove now that we aren't living out of boxes anymore and it's helping. 

-We are starting a paint-a-thon.  I'm about finished with my bedroom/bathroom.  I have plans to pick up more paint today for the boys rooms (thanks to Anneliese for writing all over the walls making Graham and Eli's room top priority).  If you're bored or just love to paint let me know.  I would greatly appreciate company/help!

-I bought some organic half and half so the kids could make ice cream in our ice cream ball.  I don't have any salt right now so I thought I'd dip into it for my morning coffee.  French press + half and half= best coffee ever.  Let's just say my skim milk and Splenda don't hold a candle!

-Our neighborhood, Whispering Ridge, is having their annual garage sales this weekend.  Let me know if you need directions.  It's 4 different areas that make up one big subdivision.  Should be amazing! 

-The boys have a new bestie.  His name is Nolan and he's a great kid!  My boys work hard to make sure their school work is complete so as soon as they hear that bus they start watching out the window for Nolan to make his way home.  He won my heart when I heard him tell Eli, "Be nice to Graham, he's just a little guy."

-I'm eager to feel settled here and wander outside of my little snow globe and meet our new community.  I've been so focused on everything and anything I haven't really talked with anyone.  I really don't want to start off by encouraging the stereo type of homeschoolers being isolating and anti-social. 

-Sweet Sheldon (my new nickname for him, I'm sure he doesn't mind) came over and wired my oven for me.  He had to run 220 from the breaker box all the way to the other side of the house.  He was here all day with sweat dripping off his nose.  In the process he had to cut 6 holes in my wall/ceilings.  Last night at church Graham stomped up to him and said,"Hey you, why did you cut holes in my house?  You better never do it again!"  Sheldon smiled and said, "Your mom told me to!"  Graham, with all seriousness said, "Well, she's a bad influence."  Instead of defending me Sheldon replied, "I've always thought that."

-October is Pastor Appreciation month.  I would just like to say that this pastor's family feels loved, appreciated, and spoiled.  Thank you for letting us serve in this wonderful family.  You are all extremely loved.

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twisted said...

I can hear the smile in your voice. It is so nice to see you more relaxed. Hope to find you tomorrow during the yard sale, "Hawk" and I will be coming over.