Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guest Bath

After switching Anneliese's room with the Office, we knew the guest bath had to be next.  It was originally painted apple green to match Liesey's room.  Since that is now the office, the green looked pretty out of place.  Our hope is having that restroom adjacent to the office, it would be used primarily for guests vs being Anneliese's bathroom.

Here it is before:

First things first, time to take out the shower doors that made it pretty impossible to bathe the girl.  Not a fan. 

Ahhh, much better.  I removed the old towel bar and began edging out the new paint.  A miss tint I got at Wal-Mart for $10.  We have been wanting to paint for a while but I realllly like to use mistints if at all possible, which means you have to wait and watch.  Finally, the exact color I'd hoped for!
I am wanting to coordinate the office with the bathroom.  The office is brown with blue/gray accents, so the bathroom will be blue/gray with chocolate accents.  Time to get some paint on the walls!

LOVE THE COLOR!!!!!  Already so much better!
A nice inexpensive shower curtain and rod from Wal-mart ($30 combined)
A nice large framed mirror picked up at a garage sale to replace the large builders grade mirror adds so much.
A couple cute little shelves I had stored in the pantry and a couple odds and ends.

Difficult to photograph due to the size, but SOOOO much better!  A nice classy bathroom for guests!  Total cost $50.  I just need a few odds and ends for decor and it's done.  So happy with the results and it compliments the office beautifully. 


Michelle Rees said...

Love it! When are you coming to help me paint my bathroom?

JenHaggerty said...

It looks awesome! You can come decorate mine too!!