Saturday, May 26, 2012

Arthur Bryants

Jared and I are known to feed our kids lunch and then grab sandwiches at Arthur Bryants once in a blue moon.  We love their food but the cost is prohibitive.  The kids will get a McDonald's double quarter pounder off the dollar menu and then Dad and I go get "real" food. 

In the end everyone's happy, even the ducks.

Yep, the ducks.

When we stopped by yesterday on Jared's day off, we were waiting for our order and two ducks walked up to the take out door.

A woman walks out of A.B. with two pieces of bread.  She begins to tell us that they come multiple times a day for a snack.  If the door is closed or someone isn't waiting for them, they knock peck at the door.

The lady was nice enough to let our kids feed the ducks their delicious Wonder bread.  The kids were tickled and so were the ducks. 

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twisted said...

They can come feed our ducks anytime. Waddles, Quackers, and Lucky-Duck would love it.