Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Cinco Grahamalama

Sweet tiny Graham is 5!  I can't hardly believe it. 

He's already had his cake:
And today, he gets to "eat it too."

Grandma and Papa are taking him to T-Rex so he can build a dinosaur.  He informed us a few days back that he really wanted to do that.  I asked him if he wanted to go to Build a Bear and he said, "No, I don't want a beer (sic) I want a dinosaur for my birfday (sic)."

Fortunately for us, that works out great!  Build a Bear is clear over at Oak Park and T-Rex is only 2 miles away. 

It's amazing how fast time flies:

May I have them just a touch longer Lord?  They're growing too fast...

We love you sweet Grahamalama.  You make us smile everyday and you have blessed our lives.

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