Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break!

First day of spring break!

I'm up, showered and dressed! I'm about to make a cup of coffee and then sit on the porch swing and wait for Wendy to get here!  She's headed this way for the afternoon.  I'm so excited!

It's a beautiful day!

Brennan and Tanner kicked off their Spring break by staying over with Corbin last night. I pray they had a great time and hopefully some sleep.

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Twisted said...

Have a great spring break. Rest, recuperate from teaching, enjoy.
Hugs. Jane
Have questions for you on controlling carbos and sugar when you feel up to having your brain picked. Eating gluten free (rice and potatoes too much) is bouncing my blood sugar. I'm trying to get a grip on counting carbs,and menu planning (yuk).