Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today started out awesome!  My sweet Tanner made me a Mother's Day card unprompted.

It read:

"I Luve you more then the moon!  I luve you more then the sun! <3 From Tanner <3
You are the one that makes my heart pump  <3"

How precious!  We all headed to church were the "Happy Mother's Day" comments were shared freely.  It's so nice to share with all my church family.  Jared preached a great sermon!  It was just a lovely morning.  

After church the family and I headed to Lawrence for lunch with my mom.

Her shirt says "Grandma," a gift from my sis

We had planned to meet up at Longhorn but, due to the long wait, we ended up at a Mexican place (MY FAV!).  We all sat outside and the kids really enjoyed it.  I honestly think that the little guys did better for the simple fact we were outside.

Me and my girl :)

After lunch we headed to The Orange Leaf.  I love ice cream so this was the perfect treat from my hubby.  I ran in a got 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 coffee lovers topped with pecans, cashews, a few small chocolate chips.  When I went to ring it up, she asked if I was a mom.  I had to stifle a giggle, and answered a simple "yes."  She informed me my treat was 1/2 price! 

Now we're home and the boys helped me clean up the downstairs.  My house is clean, my belly is full, and all my family is safe under one roof.  What an incredible blessing!  God is good!

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Mom said...

Great Mother's Day!!! Just missed your sister, Caden and McKenna. Thanks so much for your precious gifts and sharing your day with me!! I love you!