Monday, May 23, 2011

Hey Pops!

My mom came to visit Saturday and we went to several garage sales.

Due to gas prices and busy schedules we haven't been yet this season.  It was a lot of fun and we found some great finds. 

Our favorite was a popcorn popper that is fashioned after a movie theater popcorn machine.  We tried it out last night for the first time and we all loved it.  It's so fun, its super cute, and the popcorn is delish!

Here's some pics:
It was brand new, never used.  And it had the instructions!

As soon as it started popping Sis couldn't stop giggling.

It came with the little plastic popcorn tubs.
It worked great, tasted great, and best of wasn't difficult to clean up.

Now for the price.  Any guesses?

$.50  yep.  2 quarters.  half a dollar.  The amount you can't even buy a pop for these days.

What a deal!  We are smitten!  Too fun!


Mom said...

Awesome!! That was certainly our treasure for the day! Looking forward to some popcorn...I'll trade you some donuts! :0)

Becky said...

too cute and the price makes it even better. Will and I would love to go to garage sales with you guys sometime. Just let us know :-)