Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Sweet Life

I often make reference to one of my besties.  Ms. Alisa over at The Sweet Life.  I even have her button on my page.  Just click it and you'll head right on over to her blog. 

When I ordered my new camera I immediately emailed Alisa and requested she make a pink polka dotted case for my camera to protect it.  She has all kinds of adorable things for sale on her Etsy shop.

Here is my camera, it's new sleeve, and it's adorable wristlet that all match so perfectly!

 The best part is: when the camera is in the sleeve the wristlet exits the top and due to the little loop and button I am able to carry my camera on my wrist while it's protected in it's case!  LOVE!

Here's the case all by it's self so you can see how incredibly cute it is :)
I also own this sunglasses case for my shades (it also matches, this is her pic from her website):

 My favorite color is yellow, can you tell :)  That was sarcasm.  I love pink, I love polka dots, I love things that match, and I love sweet Alisa!!!

She makes all kinds of stuff.  Make up bags, Ipod covers, phone cases, camera cases, key fobs.  You name it.  Obviously, she does custom orders as well. 

Check her out!

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