Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Deal Ever!

I am so excited!  I have been saving my babysitting dollars to purchase a new camera.

Yesterday was the big day!  I took the plunge and purchased this beauty:
I wanted a simple point and shoot that takes fantastic pictures.  If all the websites that reviewed this camera are accurate, then I have succeeded!

It has a 3.5" touch screen that lets you sort through your pics like my iPhone.  Very cool!  It takes HD video and has 14.1 mega pixels.  It was designed for mother's on the go that want to take great pics of their kids with little delay or complication.  It has 2GB memory that holds 5,000 images at 14 mp.  No need for a memory card, although it has a spot for one.  Pair all that with the fact that it comes in pink and I do believe we were made for each other.

Are you ready for the best part?

When this camera came out in early 2010 it was $300!!  It still sells on Kodak's website for $279.  There are places online like Amazon where you can buy used ones or refurbished ones for around $150-$180.  There was even one new in the box on Craigslist for $160.

My pink little beauty cost a whopping $89 including shipping.  A couple days watching sweet babies and now I'll be able to capture Sis' first Easter egg hunt.  I've been without a nice camera since my Sony bit the dust on my trip to Florida (a year ago).  We've made due with a couple hand me downs from friends/family (Thank you BTW :) and our phones so we could wait and save.

Little did I know I would find exactly what I wanted so affordable.  Yipeeee!

I can't wait!  Come on UPS truck!!!

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Becky said...

awesome!! Great deal. It pays to be patient