Friday, April 15, 2011

Random Updates

-Today is 4 weeks post op. I'm feeling leaps and bounds better and today I get to start "light" exercise! Whoo Hoo! Since I've been feeling a bit like this:
I'm eager to get back to some form of fitness. Just some light lifting :)
-The shellac nails bombed.  They only stayed on my finger nails for 24 hours.  I was sorely disappointed.  It seemed like such a great idea and they looked soo nice for 2 whole days...  I should've known.  My nails don't hold polish for even one day.  Something about my body chemistry I guess. 
-I'm only slightly offended that out of 71,000 hits I only received 2 comments on my poll about my hair...  Do you see what I did in that sentence?  I mentioned a hit mile stone, in a way thanking you for reading, all while getting onto you in the same sentence!  That's some writing genius right there :)  I can only assume you are in the same camp as my spouse.  He likes them both and doesn't really have a preference.  Unfortunately for me, I still can't decide. 

1 comment:

Beth Eaton said...

LOL - Yep! Couldn't decide so I didn't comment. I like the layers but I'm with you about it being easy...