Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Royal Memory

I love love love any opportunity to make lasting memories. 

This Saturday was a wonderful opportunity for my oldest 3 sons.  Uncle Dustin offered Grandpa 4 tickets to the Royals game.  After some discussion of who would go, it was ultimately decided that Grandpa would take Brennan, Tanner and Elijah. 

Grandpa seemed just as excited and the kids.  He came with all kinds of snacks and sodas and scooped up my boys and headed out.

When Grandpa arrived home, they boys didn't want the time to end.  They said, "We don't want to leave!"  They were sitting in the van.  Apparently it was the "best day ever."

Thank you Grandpa for giving my boys one of those stories that they'll tell for the rest of their lives. 

"Remember when Grandpa used to take us to the Royals games?..."


Bryan Champ said...

Dad, Cabe, and I were at this game. The last picture you have posted with Tanner (he's the one in the Gap sweatshirt..right?) facing the camera and the other 2 sitting in the section and row we were sitting in. Obviously we were not there at the time...wish I would have know they were there, would have loved to say hi!

Shannon said...

That's Brennan, Tanner is the one sitting with the blue shirt over his shoulder. I'm so sorry they missed you!