Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Few Healthy Favs!

I have a couple things that I'm in love with right now.  I thought I'd share simply because this life long journey of being healthy can become somewhat mundane at times.  Here's a few things you may not be aware of!

-Diet Lipton White tea with Raspberry!  YUMM.  When we lived in Joplin there was a quaint little dive called The Red Onion.  We all loved them for their Raspberry Tea!  This was a trip down memory lane for me and just as good as I remembered it. 
-We like a bit of a kick in our food and we love hot wings. I have only been able to find this consistently at Price Chopper.  Take some boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into strips,  and shake it up in a ziplock bag.  Bake in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes and you have buffalo "wings" that are boneless, crazy healthy, AND delicious
-Greek yogurt is all the rage right now and I'm no exception. I love 0% Fage for lots of uses! First of all, for those hot wings! Take some Fage and mix a partial packet of ranch seasoning into it and you have yummy fat free Ranch dip. A rare find in the world of dieting. It's also really good drizzled with honey with a few walnuts on top. Sweet, salty, and a sour all in one! SO GOOD. Fat Free plain Fage tastes awesome on top of your favorite Mexican dish. It's a creamy sour cream substitute that tastes so much better than Fat Free sour cream.
-And as always and forever.  My Starbucks Pikes Place beans paired with some skim milk and three pumps of Starbucks sugar free caramel syrup.  Walk up to your local Starbucks and resist the urge to purchase a $5 coffee.  Pay a total of $20 for a bag of Pikes Place and a bottle of Syrup (pump is free if you ask), go home and make your very own for $.35.  You don't have to have a fancy espresso machine, most of my buddies and I started out with $5 machines we picked up at Goodwill and cleaned up with a decalcifier (vinegar).  When you gain some skill and know how and decide to be a coffee snob, you can save up for a fancier machine.  Regardless, when you love the pricey stuff it definitely pays to make your own.  And for now, you can make your own with their exact product.  DELISH!  I make 1 or 2 a day for a lo-cal pick me up.

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