Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Survey

21.  Dandelion bouquets from Graham and Eli

I have an appointment for a hair cut at my favorite place on Monday.  I'm just curious what your opinion is.  I love my hair long and it will likely stay that way until my dying day, but I'm always looking to spruce it up a bit.

This is what it looked like the last time I had it cut by this stylist:

Forgive the chub I was 6mos post preggers with Sis :)
 This is the trap I tend to fall into, I let it grow trimming the ends and it ends up all one length:
Forgive the chub, I was 6 mos pregnant with Sis :)
Do you have a preference?  It will always be long, always be red, so the cut is one way to switch it up a bit, but I'm a bit particular about my length.  I don't want to lose much and it makes me anxious to get it cut.  When I look at the second picture I long (pun intended) for it to be that length again.

When it's layered heavily it's a lot more work.  I can't just blow dry it and go, but I love the way it looks.  Obviously, I'm conflicted.  Any help would be appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have mine undercut and tapered at the edges. It dries faster and if you use a round brush, you hardly have to curl it. Just an idea. Yours always looks pretty no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon, it's me your long lost wife or your husband's cousin!! You have beautiful, natural red hair that will look good at any length! I love your hair long, so pretty. However. . .it's fun to change it up a bit every now and then. I understand not wanting to part with length, I feel the same way. My vote is to have some fun with a new do but not lose too much length. Maybe some long, side-swept bangs! Have fun and post some pictures after! Hope you are all doing well! ~Abie

Shannon said...

ABIE!!!! Hi! You've been missed :) Thank you so much for the comment. I actually cut a few inches off a little over a month ago and it just doesn't have much shape. I don't really want to lose any more length. I wish I would have just had this done then so I wouldn't be starting off feeling like I just had it cut. Ahh well, it's just hair. Right?

JenHaggerty said...

I like the top one :--)

Becky Bevan said...

I loooove the layers