Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tanner Was Baptized!

20. Salvation!  Free salvation from a God who loved me so much to send His son!

Tanner is 9 years old and has been asking us for close to a year to be baptized.

Jared and I feel very strongly that we want a decision like this to be one that affects the rest of his life and not just something he does to satisfy us.

After a lot of prayer and talking with an Elder, we decided our sweet little Tanner was ready for the plunge.  He is the first of our brood to make this decision.

During Jared's counseling Tanner, Jared asked him who he would like to baptize him.  Jared explained it could be anyone.  Tanner immediately said, "Mr. Dan.  I love him."  Jared and I were absolutely touched and thrilled that he would pick his Sunday school teacher.  Dan is an elder in our church and someone that Tanner very much loves and respects.  I hear stories all the time about how Mr. Dan was a soldier.  He has really captured Tanner's heart.

Sorry for the blurry image.  We actually have a video but, due to it's size, we can't get it to upload.  This is a still shot from the video right after Tanner came up out of the water. 

I wondered leading up to this if I would cry.  It was such a precious moment shared by our congregation.  I couldn't help but well up with emotion.

Praise God!

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Mindy Jo said...

What a sweet boy and what a sweet moment! I can see why he would want Mr. Dan...he's an amazing example.