Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Acts Of Thought

-In conjunction with the blog I wrote the other day on One Thousand Gifts, I plan to write something I'm thankful for on each blog I write.  At the top of the blog, regardless of the topic, there will be something like this:

14.  My espresso machine and a good latte'

That is literally my number 14 on my list.  Don't smirk, it's important to thank Him for all things.  On chilly mornings I simply love a warm latte'.  Therefore, I thank God for providing the means to have one :)

-I went back to work on Tuesday.  I do really well for about two hours.  Then I'm tired, swollen, and ready for the recliner.  Last night I had to cut my shift short due to bleeding through my bandage.  I'm not working out, or lifting, or anything else I'm not supposed to do.  I'm released to go back to work.  They told me that due to the severity of my infection I'm going to be a little slower getting back to normal.  Regardless, I feel leaps and bounds better than I did a week ago.  Other than running out of steam, I would say I'm 100%. 

-My little girl loves her Daddy and she LOVES laying in his spot to watch Dora in our room.  What happens if it's early and Dad's not up yet?  No worries, she loves Daddy's spot even better when he's in it.

-Best thing about babysitting?  Getting paid in gift certificates to one of your favorite places!  Today I get to go get my fingernails painted with Shellac.  I am a recovering nail bitter and it breaks my heart each time one of my nails break.  They are really long and pretty right now and with a coat of Shellac they will stay that way.  It's a new type of polish that hardens the nails without damaging them.  SO EXCITED!

-Allergy season has hit like a ton of bricks!!!  I would say it's my worst year by far, but Jared says I say that every year :)  Thankfully, I started Allegra D and my symptoms have gotten remarkably less, and even somewhat tolerable.  Ohh, make that number 15!

15.  Allegra D and far less sneezing!  Thank you Lord.


Becky Bevan said...

ooo you have to tell me how you like the Shellac. I've been wanting to do it. I'm a recoverying nail bitter too. I think we are more alike than we know :-)
love you!

Vicki said...

I so love this picture!