Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15 And Counting

June 1, 1996

 Tomorrow is our 15th wedding anniversary.  We met when we were 15 at Mission Lake Christian Camp and have been together ever since.

Senior Prom '95

I know we were young, but we were smitten from the beginning.  Engaged at 18, married at 19.  It's hard for me to imagine that for my kids, but it worked for us.  We grew up together, matured together, and grew stronger as a couple as time passed.

I can't imagine my life without him.  We have been through so much good and bad, and the Lord has blessed us beyond what either of us could have fathomed.

We waited 4.5 years for our first child.  After losing our first pregnancy and multiple miscarriages after,  we decided we would take as many as God would grant.  Never did we imagine the family we now have. 
Family Picture for Church Directory
While at OCC Jared and I prayed for a ministry.  We prayed to be near family:
Our fam & Dustin's fam Omaha Zoo trip
Uncle Jason and baby Zach

We prayed to be "where the people are" to be in a city.  We prayed for a biblical eldership, and a community with a NFL team.  You know the important stuff :)  We wanted a ministry where we could raise our family and invest in one community.  A community that would let us love them and be loved in return.
Fishing with the Stude's, one of our kids' favorite memories

 Then we received a phone call from WCCC.  It was obvious our prayers had been answered.  Jared and I are committed to our marriage, committed to our family, and committed to our ministry.  Just look what God has done and it all started:
A gift from Jared on our anniversary 4 years ago


Alisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! We are so glad God planted you where he did! Love you guys!

JenHaggerty said...

This post made me cry. Just so you know......

Happy Anniversary you two. We love you and your whole family so much!