Thursday, July 21, 2011

How Do YOU Do It?

One of the most common statements I hear is:

"I don't know how you do it with 5!"

Last week our family dispersed.  Brennan and Tanner went to West Central Christian Service Camp, Anneliese and Graham went to my mom's and Jared, Eli, and I went to Mission Lake.

We hadn't even left the house and Elijah broke down and started bawling as Anneliese and Graham rode away in my mom's car.  I encouraged him it would be fine and we would have some great time together and I promised to spoil him all week since he's the only one.

We headed out to QT with Eli riding shotgun and went to camp slushy in hand.  Part way there he broke down again.  "What am I supposed to do without my brothers?" he bawled.

I reassured him he would be fine and this was much needed one on one time...He rolled his eyes.

Once settled in at camp he walked out of the cafeteria and wandered towards the cabin head and shoulders down.  Jared asked if he was crying so I went to check and sure enough, he was sobbing.  He was just sure he would die without his siblings and no matter how much I loved on him, held his hand, showered him with candy, he would not be consoled.

We did what we had to.  We called Aunt Alanna and asked for Kelby.  She brought him up the next day and Eli counted down the hours driving me NUTS in the meantime.  The quiet guarded Elijah became a chatty needy little man that wouldn't leave my side. 

I thought all would be well and good once Kelby arrived.  They were for the most part, but Elijah was not right until we were all home settled in with everyone under one roof.'s of less than 5, how do YOU do it?  My kids entertain themselves!  I have a built in play group every day.  I'm never badgered because a child is lonely or bored.  If they get bored with one sibling they move onto another. 

I'm telling you if you can move past the hard years of multiples in diapers and dealing with baby after baby, it really is better when they're older.  The kids are best friends (and worst enemies at times, I'll be honest) but they love each other, cherish each other, and best of all....entertain each other!

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