Friday, July 15, 2011

What a Week!

We are all converging back home today.  Eli, Kelby and I came home after dinner last night from camp to greet Anneliese and Graham.  Brennan and Tanner come home today from West Central Christian Service camp and Jared will make his way home from Mission Lake.

It was a really good week at camp.  Kelly Bowker led worship with his beautiful wife Megan.  They did a great job and I loved the coffee house vibe they provide :)

While hanging out in the caf I over heard our mission speaker say, "Rock Creek Bible Church."  So I asked him if he had attended there.  Over the course of the next two days we chatted and found out we have an entire community of people in common.  The most important connection is my younger brother Will.  Over the years I have hear a lot about Will's minister friend Micah.  Little did I know that was the very Micah sitting at the table across from me.  He and his family work for FamilyLife mending broken relationships and bringing families back together and back to God.

This week was a welcome break from everything.  A time to focus on God and spend time with Jared (and Katie H :)).  What a blessing!


My make shift gym

Bench for bench press, not too "shabby" :)
Sophie enjoying the cool concrete in Chapel
Brennan and Tanner at WCCSC
Graham and NeNe at Chucky Cheese

Anneliese and Zach racing!

Graham and Auntie
Graham and Anneliese were spoiled by Jason, Erin, and my mom.  They went to Chucky Cheese and the Zoo!  They had a great time and came home exhausted!  I think Grandma was in need of a nap too :)

Now that we're home we're just trying to adapt to being back together.  It didn't take long for the exhaustion to start affecting how they treat each other.  Eli and Graham have been struggling all morning.  Elijah may be rethinking his melt downs this week when all he wanted was his brothers.

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Becky Bevan said...

Glad you are all back safe and sound!! :-)