Saturday, July 9, 2011

Randomly Packed

-Things are starting to look funny around here...

-I've realized I may have a problem.  After packing all the fam for 5 days of camp, our dressers and closets are still full.  I never realized I had a clothes hoarding issue when it came to the kids.  I knew I did it for me, but not them!  No wonder I never get caught up on laundry.  They have way too many options! 

-We are needing more boxes.  If you can help, let me know!  Thanks in advance.

-Jared and I received good news from the bank this last week.  If all goes well our new mortgage will be a 1.1% lower interest rate than what we currently have.  That's awesome and it means our house payment will stay very similar but we'll have 4 bathrooms!  4!!  I'm a bit excited :)

-We were talking last night.  Neither of us ever thought we would voluntarily move out of this house.  We have been blessed to live here and are so thankful for all the wonderful memories shared here.  We have had many people in and out of our home and had several babies here.  God is good and we are so thankful. 

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