Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Wish

Jared and I received a phone call the other day letting us know that "someone" wanted to carpet a room in our basement. 

Just to fill you in on some details, part of the reason we were able to purchase this house for half price was because the flooring needed to be replaced.  We have really tried to make it work as long as we could.  We've had it professionally cleaned twice and I have a Rug Doctor that I've used on it multiple times with heavy cleansers. 

We have a large area rug down but on humid days there was still an odor.  I tried not to let it get the best of me, after all this house is a massive blessing in our lives and is incredibly beautiful.  I never wanted to come across as ungrateful or discontent.  Jared and I have known since we bought the house that at some point we would invest in new flooring.  It's just such a large investment and overhaul to remove the old and prepare the sub-flooring for the new.

So to find out that our living room downstairs was about to get a makeover makes my heart sing!  This kind of generosity allows Jared and I to spread our dollar further and make a bigger impact.  Those carpet tiles I mentioned in a previous blog are a wonderful option and now I can do the kids' bedrooms so much sooner. 

Just to give you an idea of what we were dealing with, this is the underside of the carpet we removed.  The top was deceiving.  If you were to just come over and look, it looks fine.  It's what lay beneath that now makes me want to tear out every last thread and live on sub-flooring until we can replace it all.

That is overlapping urine stains my friend.  That is disgusting and no longer in my house.  We have cleaned the sub-flooring and are about to paint it with a sealant to keep anything from affecting the new carpet.  The new stuff goes in on Friday!  I haven't even seen it yet, I have no idea what color it is and I don't care.  It could be hot pink and I'd be thrilled because it is CLEAN!

Thank you Lord for caring about the little things.  This brings my heart so much peace!

Merry Christmas!

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