Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feeling A Lot Like Christmas!

The church is decorated, our home is decorated, the neighbors have lit their homes with beautiful lights.

Christmas music is in the air and even though it's 65 degrees outside, it's feeling a lot like Christmas!

This Saturday our church has our turn at the soup kitchen.  I highly recommend you contact John and go.  It's always a blessing and has made a great impact on our older two boys.  It just seems even more meaningful around the holidays.  We like to focus on Christmas cheer but the truth is, the holidays are very difficult for most.  It's a time of sadness and being reminded of those that have passed or sadness over what should be or could be with loved ones that are estranged.

While preparing for your festivities take time to pray for those who are struggling.  Those who are sad, those who are poor, those who are alone.  Remember that God is good regardless of our circumstances and He loves us so very much.

Reach out, try not to get "wrapped" up in your own little snow globe.  Share God's love with others.

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