Thursday, December 13, 2012

How To Remove Temptation from your iPod/iPad

All children are curious, devious little sinners.

Yep, all.

Yours, mine, and all the rest.

With Christmas just days away, I want to give a quick heads up to anyone who already has or plans to purchase these devices for their young children.

Allow me to show you a quick and easy way to remove a serious temptation from your child's life.

Before we get to that, don't kid yourself.  Take the iPod/iPad, open Safari and click the little book icon down at the bottom.  Then touch history and see what your precious poopsie whoopsie has been searching for or looking at on the internet.

Now that you're eyes are good and open, lets get down to removing the internet from these tiny, easily hid, and oh so easily used devices.

This is how you do it:

1. At the iPod touch/iPad home screen go to 'Settings'.
2. Then go to 'General'
3. Go to 'Restrictions'
4. Then go to 'Enable Restrictions'
5. Create a 4 digit pass code. (Not 1234, make it difficult for them please)
6. After the pass code is created it will go back to the 'Restrictions' screen, where it says 'Allowed' slide the bar next to 'Safari' so that it says 'off'.
Now if they want to search for something they need your permission and pass code.  Easy peasy.  Let's make sure we are working diligently to set our kids up for success in a world where temptation is so prevalent.  Parenting has to be constant and preventative.  Don't sit idle by while your children poison their hearts and minds simply because you don't want to believe they would ever do such a thing.

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