Monday, November 8, 2010

All Crazy Things Come to an End!!!

The weekend is over!

Jared, the boys, and I all headed up to camp Friday noon.  Ms. Jess went with me to help cook and I was super thankful for her company and amazing dish washing capabilities (anyone who knows me knows...if it doesn't fit in the dishwasher it's probably not going to get clean).  Our sweet girl spent some time at G'ma Nita's and then headed to the Rice farm for the remainder.

All the food turned out great.  We only had one issue.  Saturday lunch, our ovens weren't cooking hot enough and our stuffing didn't set up right.  It was crunchy on top and kinda gooey underneath.  All in all I felt it was a success!

We all headed home Saturday afternoon exhausted and the kids were filthy.  Sweet Jess headed home and I started in on laundry, hair cuts, and baths.  My house is still in disarray.  We all headed to bed early due to fatigue and an early Sunday morning.  I was on the worship team and Jared asked me to sing an old song of mine to go with his sermon on the I Am statements.

We left Sunday School 10 minutes early in order to head to Topeka for  Zach's 1st birthday party.   It was a Cat in the Hat theme and so cute.  The kids LOVED it and were so well behaved.  Happy Birthday little man!  We are so blessed God gifted you to our family.

 It was fun going back to Gage park.  My mom took us there a lot when we were really little.  I have an image of my dad pushing me on a swing. 
This is my dolly on the same swing at about the same age:
 Once we arrived home, around 5, we prepared for bible study at the Moore's.  Anneliese was so exhausted and Graham has been struggling with his asthma.  We did a quick bath for Sis, and a treatment for Graham and headed out.  I'm really glad I went.  It's such a blessing to sit with people and just share our prayer concerns.  Small groups really do make life long connections.

We all slept in this morning and are committed to a lazy day at home with Daddy.  Other than school work we are doing NOTHING.  All that laundry and housework is just going to have to wait another day.


Bryan Champ said...

Is Gage park the one with the tubes? My grandma used to take us to a park in Topeka! We loved that place!

Shannon said...

I assume your talking about the tunnels under the huge mound? If so, YES and I always loved those too!

Beth Eaton said...

It sounds like you deserved the day off! What a great picture picture you have of "sis" just like when you were little. You should have gotten Jared one of pushing her...