Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anything and Everything!

-Post number 900!  That's something, isn't it?

-I was given a gift from my spouse.  He has a wonderful tradition, when he performs a wedding ceremony he gifts any payment he receives to me to spend how I please (can't be spent on bills).  When he performs a funeral he uses any payment towards books and writes the family's name in the cover.  I purchased a ring to wear in place of my wedding ring due to the allergy issues I've been having.  I'll post pics if it ever arrives (this sentence deserves a blog all it's own, long story).   

-This weekend is the men's retreat at MLCC!  I am going to prepare the meals for the men.  We've already purchased a ton of pork butt and I'm going to rub them down and start cooking them this evening.  Dinner tomorrow night will be pulled pork, home made buns, potato salad, and whatever else I can think of!  YUMM

-I'm still pop free.  I only have 6 days left of my 30.  I am going to go back to drinking pop.  There are just some foods that taste better with soda.  My goal through all of this is to gain control and practice moderation.  My days of 52oz buckets is a thing of the past.  This has been good for me.  I've recognized just how much control I was allowing a beverage over my life.  Ridiculous!

-I'm not planning on going into a lot of detail, but... I have started taking a probiotic.  I have a lifetime of GI issues that I've seen several docs about and been through a barrage of tests only to be told they don't know why.  I go through spells of being miserable about once a month and it lasts for more than a week.  Since I've started taking the probiotic all my issues have been slowly fading away.  The only reason I blog this is to inform.  If anyone else out there has GI issues, you know how consuming and miserable it can be.  Try a probiotic, the pills have a much higher concentration of live bacteria than the yogurts that are out there.  I am currently taking Sustenex but when I finish it I'm going to try the Pearls.  I'm so thankful!  I just thought I'd share.

-My boys are finishing up lesson 50!  The weeks fly by.  Elijah is learning by leaps and bounds.  He really seems to have the same kind of intellect his Daddy has.  He captures things so quickly and permanently.  There are some things that he's picked up on much quicker than either of his older brothers did.  It's really fun to see how unique each of them are.  They each have very different strengths.  Brennan LOVES science and history.  Tanner LOVES reading and math.  Elijah also LOVES reading and math.  1st grade is still pretty basic so Eli's interests will be more obvious next year.

-I only worked on Monday this week.  Monday was such an awful day I've really enjoyed not working since.  With the men's retreat this weekend I didn't ask for more hours.  I've had 4 days in a row to wake up with my family and feed them breakfast while enjoying a cup of coffee.  That was something I used to take for granted, not anymore!

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Cindy Coker said...

I'm glad your week is getting better! I am going to finish this pop challenge with you if it kills me. I may try your probiotic fix. I'm so glad that your boys love school. It says something about you as a teacher. Congratulations! It's a shame there isn't a teacher of the year award for homeschool moms. I bet the boys would pick you hands down. :o)