Saturday, November 27, 2010


-I only have one more early morning!  Monday is the last one and I don't believe I'll agree to do it again multiple days in a row.  YUCK!  It's just too much with all my other responsibilities.  The good news is, we'll have Christmas for the kids and a little extra to get caught up on things.  Now that it's about over, I think it was worth it :)

-Black Friday was insane.  I left my house at a quarter to five and the Legends looked like a Friday night when the weather is 75 and sunny.  It was ridiculous!  I'm usually the only one at the gas station and you should have (and probably did) see all the sleep walkers staggering to the coffee like cattle to the trough.   Not so shocking however was the snails pace at the Y.  Very few people made their way to the gym the day after Gluttony Thanksgiving.  A quick shout out to the Moore family!  You guys made it!

-Hey all you "Keepin It Under Control" -ers.  How did you do over Thanksgiving?  Did you succeed?  I went to my moms and filled up on turkey and just had small portions of my favorite foods.  I had a little bit of her sweet potatos (MY FAV), and a tiny sliver of two different pies.  I didn't leave stuffed.  I was pleasantly full.  I pray you all achieved your goals and if not, recognize that jumping right back onto the wagon is what defines success!  Keep up the good work!

-Our Thanksgiving break from school is coming to an end and due to work it didn't feel like much of a break.  That kinda stinks, but honestly working a full 40 hour week and school would have been far worse.  The kids seemed to really be enjoying their time off.  Like any kid, school = torture.

-My mom is coming over today and I'm really looking forward to being out of the house and walking the Legends a bit.  We'll bundle up and let the kids burn some energy.   I pray you all have a blessed weekend!

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