Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Balls of Fire!

Our sweet Papa Richie brought us a fire pit Thursday.

Most of my fondest memories of my Daddy are around a camp fire.  I've told Jared for years I would love to have a fire pit in the back yard.  I can remember eating pizza on a Friday night in June sitting out back at Dad's with a fire going.  Yes, in the dessert.  We just sat far enough away not to feel the heat :)

Let alone all the actual camp fires.  Most of our time with Dad was spent in the mountains camping.  Dad cooked my first rainbow trout over a camp fire.

As soon as Richard unloaded it I started planning for our first camp fire!  Cindy C. called and was chatting and I told her all about it.  Since our hubbies had a board meeting we decided to try out the pit together and make a meal out of it!  She brought us some hot dogs and marsh mellows.

I attacked our brush pile for lots of kindling and we had a fire roaring in no time!

What a blessing to have a huge fenced in yard where the boys can just run!

Anneliese really loves to have her picture taken :)

It meant a lot that they loved it as much as I do!

"Nate Coke-ah"

Best buddies, Liesey kept asking him to sit by her :)

My goal is to remove the dying lilac bush next to the deck and make a patio from paving stones that connects to the stones at the base of the deck steps.  It would be a beautiful addition to our backyard and small piece of my dad I can share with my kids.

Thank you Papa Richie, it means more than you could ever imagine.  I love you!

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