Friday, February 11, 2011

4 Year Olds Rock

Graham has been extra witty as of late.

Last night we were watching a show with Larry the Cable Guy.  It's a documentary called Only in America. 

As soon as Larry started talking, the kids recognized his voice from Cars.  Brennan asked, "Is he Mater?"  Jared and I told him yes and didn't see Graham's confusion. 

Within a few minutes Graham looked at me and said, "He's a hoo-man (human).  He's not Mater, Mater is a car."   He had a slight look of devastation on his face. 

Brennan sat down and tried to explain animation to him.  Graham seemed to understand but he kept staring at the television in bewilderment. 

This morning he walked into the kitchen and started asking me about a "show."

"Remember that show, where there are dogs?  The dogs talk and there are hoo-mans too. "

So I start guessing, Bolt? No.  Milo and Otis? No.  Stewart Little? No. 

Since most kids cartoons have talking animals I was at a loss.  Finally he revealed that we don't actually own this movie.  I give up!  Who knows!

Brennan is sitting in the living room listening on and says, "I think he's talking about Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

Graham started giggling.  He began to explain to me that Chihuahuas talk but only when hoomans aren't there.  But hoomans can be close, just not close enough to hear them.

Then he tells me Sophie (our beagle) is a Chihuahua because he's heard her talk.

Ummm, Okay....

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Anonymous said...

I love that little guy! Especially since he told me this week that I was a "hot mama!" (of course then the paused and added, "who is ugly!") He had me cracking up!

G'ma Anita