Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just To Clarify

It has been my goal for quite some time to not be a daily weigher.  In my history I have been obsessed with such things and in order to healthy mentally as well as physically, this is a goal I set for myself.

Over the last few months I have kicked my workouts into high gear. My job lends itself to multiple days a week of being very active. I have been super excited and decided to give the ol' scale a dust off. It's been months, literally. I feel toned and like I'm getting more so with each passing week. I noticed that I've been eating to compensate for my new rigorous routine so I felt a check in was in order.

I was in sticker shock when I saw the scale.  I am 12lbs above my Weight Watcher's goal and 7lbs above the weight range for my height!  That's a little humble pill for ya (me)!  WOWZERS, I didn't see that coming.

Now to be fair, I weigh more than the average bear.  I have friends who are the same height and clothing size but I typically weigh a full 10lbs heavier.  It's just the way I'm built I guess.  And...I don't mind being at the top of the weight range for my height since that's where the hubs thinks I'm "smokin."  :)

All of this to get to the point of my blog.  Apparently I'm long winded even in type.

A common statement in a time like this is, "well, don't forget muscle weighs more than fat.  You've been working out a lot and are likely just building muscle."

So here's my question for you:

Which weighs more, a pound of these:

Or this:

The answer...they weigh the same.  Each weighs a pound.  A pound is a pound is a pound.  Now a pound of feathers is going to take up a whole lot more space than a 1lb brick, but they still both weigh a pound.

This is a super common misnomer.

A more accurate way to phrase it is, "You're likely losing inches even if you're not losing pounds since a pound of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat."

Three times less space, to be specific.  This is why you can weigh the same as you did in HS but be a completely different body type.  If you were super fit then and aren't now, the difference could be significant.

This is a 5lb chunk of fat sitting next to a 5lb chunk of muscle:
First of all, ewwww.  Second of all, I would much rather have the muscle than the fat!  Look at how smooth and dense the muscle mass is compared to the giggly fat blob.

I know that I've been overeating, that's part of the reason for my weigh in yesterday.  I knew I was overdoing it.  I'll work on getting my portions back under control, but as far as the scale goes....

I would much rather have pound after pound of brick than pound after pound of feathers.

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Twisted said...

Thank you for this post. Our 14 year old needed to see this picture of the pound of fat vs pound of muscle. I'm trying to instill in him the control of his weight as he starts into a growth spurt (puberty). I think getting on the scale every two to three days is a must to stay balanced (for me). It comes from the ole' athletic days where we had to weigh in every week.

Yes, I'd rather have the weight as muscle, too. Hang in there, sister. I think you look awesome and healthy.