Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lora Elizabeth Again

Whenever I see a giveaway for Lora's jewelry I always sign up.  It has been a desire of mine for close to two years to be the proud owner of the Great Love Necklace.

You may recognize the pic from previous posts on the matter :)

But here is another opportunity for me to win a gift certificate and blogging it grants me another entry. 

Yay for beautiful hand crafted jewelry. 

I own the little baby necklaces where they're in the shape of children and have the birth stone in the body.  Jared asked me, "You want another customized necklace?  Don't you have a bracelet with their names?"

Umm, silly boy!  Of course I want another.  First, this is different, and special since it also includes our anniversary and names.  This is silver (my baby necklace is all gold) like the bulk of my jewelry.  

And two, my bracelet is missing the girl's name :) 

See, it's a necessity. 

Wish me luck!

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