Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is a quote from Dan Hasteltine (of Jars of Clay) about their new song, Shelter.

"When I'm singing about the attributes of God and about grace, and mercy, and healing, and love, and care, I don't usually attribute that to the person who is sitting next to me. But, if we actually believe that God is working through His people, then we are the means by which all of those things happen. It brought all of those conceptual ideas about God, all of those big vague words, and lofty words, and language that we use, and we’ve brought it back to the human experience."

I'm a big Jars of Clay fan and have been since early college. When I first heard this song on the radio it really spoke to me. As an individual in the full time ministry, the idea of His church being my shelter, brought me to tears.

It is a beautiful and scary thought all at once. We are so very broken as individuals. We all have our own sin, struggles, and insecurities and yet God still gave us the ability to be His arms to one another.  To put aside our brokenness and love on one another with His Agape love.  

I can't help but think of all the times I was my broken, imperfect self, and failed to be Jesus to you.

I am so very thankful for our church family. You have been our shelter for 10 years.  We are blessed to serve here.  You and I, we don't have to walk alone.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Shannon,

Your words are beautiful and so true! I love you!