Saturday, June 4, 2011

Great Bargain Finds!

Today I spent my morning at garage sales and then spent mid day at the Redway's auction.  It was so much fun and since I sold my table and chairs yesterday, I had money to spend on things for the new house!

First of all, by far the best deal:
Sage, microfiber with scotch guard.  Perfect shape! $110
The new house has two living spaces.  The main living room and a small "family room" in the basement.  We thought we'd put our couch of 7 years (used when we bought it) in the basement and hoped to find a couple newer pieces for the upstairs.  This is a great start and perfect for my budget!

-I love to accent with red and thought this would be a perfect addition to my train station clock that fits between the kitchen and living room.  I love it!
Antique, perfect color and only $10!
-Then the adorable little black chair that is from an old ice cream parlor.  I'm thinking of placing this in the entry way with a small table.  LOVE
Can you believe no one wanted this?  $2
-I found a 12" square shadow box at a garage sale that is perfect for the kitchen
So cute and only $2!!

-I mentioned in our Anniversary Extravaganza that I loved the way our room was decorated at the Raphael.  I would really like to work towards that in our new place.  The colors were: butter yellow walls, white linens, black furniture, and lime & sage green accents.  It was beautiful.  This little lamp is my first step towards this oasis for a master bedroom
Not sure about the shade, but the lamp is perfect $10
-My favorite piece of all is the oil painting.  This was done by a local artist and is signed.  The first time I saw it I just loved it, so you can imagine my glee when I saw it in the auction!  It's so pretty and fits perfectly into my style.  Isn't it beautiful?  And how neat are the metal rods for hanging.  So unique.  LOVE IT.
I picked up some great deals and didn't even spend 1/2 my table money.  That's a great bargain day :)

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Mom said...

I love all of it! Funny I saw the painting at the Home Show we went to a couple of years ago and I loved it then!