Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lady in Waiting

I'm waiting.

I'm embarrassed to say, I'm waiting and I'm not waiting patiently.

Jared and I have a lot going on and nothing going on all at the same time.

We are waiting on the bank.  Waiting for that "yes" you can move from our lender.

Waiting to pack,

Waiting to plan our future in our new home. 

Waiting to see if this truly is God's will and if He will bring it to fruition.


He is working on me.  Taking inventory of my spiritual life.  The new home is no longer the only prize at the end of this journey.  My thoughts and prayers are continually focused on His will for my life, my family's life. 

I truly believe He has been waking me up early.  The last two mornings I have been awake at 6:30a.  I make a coffee and head out to the back porch and spend some time with Him.  I've been reading A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers.  The stories of Tamar and Rahab have brought me to tears. 

This afternoon I started getting anxious watching my phone.  Waiting for that call.  One of my favorite songs came to mind.  Wait on the Lord by Enter the Worship Circle.  I've been listening to it this afternoon on repeat.  Over and over this is my prayer:

Wait On The Lord lyrics by Enter The Worship Circle
Wait on the Lord, oh, my soul

Wait on the Lord, oh, my soul

Wait on the Lord, oh, my soul

Be strong and take heart

Be strong and wait upon the Lord

He is beautiful and good

He's the lover of all men

He has rescued us before

And he will rescue us again

He is faithful and true

He is living and just

Surely He will deliver us

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