Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Acts Of Thought

-My van's AC is getting repaired today!  YAY!  It's been a little over a year since it went out.  Jason R. and Jason H. have been working diligently on it.  The best part (sarcasm) is that the issue seems to be a error done in the factory.  Jason R. said it's obvious someone over tightened the hoodie to the hadda (very technical terms here) causing both to crack.  Regardless, my 5 little monkeys will no longer be sticking to each other in the back seats.  Thank you guys!!!!

-We're just hanging out here on Russell and still hope to move come August.  It's so hard to wait!  I've been envisioning what we'll do with the kids' rooms.  Brennan and Tanner will be sharing a room in the basement.  I'm thinking navy blue on the bottom half of the wall, a white chair rail, and a crisp green on the top.  With Brennan's fav color being blue, and Tanner's green I thought it would be an attractive way to have both colors.

-Anneliese is the hard one.  Part of me wants hot pink and zebra print.  Soft pink on the walls but super fun accessories, the other part wants a precious quilt and lots of white and pastels.  Decisions decisions ;)
Do you have an opinion?  Zebra print (she could grow into it) or super soft dainty pastels?

-Work is going great.  I've been putting in lots of hours over the summer.  At first I was so distracted by the house and moving I really didn't want to go.  Quickly I realized,  the more I work, the better position we're in financially and the more we can save for the move. 

-What is with this amazing weather?  I LOVE IT!  Windows open enjoying a breeze as I type.  Heaven!  If only my children agreed.  They are behaving as if it's some form of child abuse to make them stay out for more than 20 minutes.  In my day, we played outside for hours because we wanted to.  No one had to force me out of the house.  


Anonymous said...

I love the blue/green idea for B & T's room! Sounds beautiful! As for Anneliese, either idea sounds cute. Have you asked Miss Liese? She may have an opinion! Guess if you went with the pastels, you could always change it in a couple years. You like to change and update things all the time, anyway! You're sounding older, Shannon, when you say, "in my day"!!! Yay on the a/c!!!!! Love you all!

Mom Nita

The NeNe said...

Ok, I love the zebra idea but it's very hard to do and just a current phase. I vote on the precious quilt. It goes with the character of the house and as long as a soft pink blanky is in the mix...the girl will be happy!!