Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Altic Updates

-My mother in law mentioned I really should update my blog and she is so right!  Yes Anita, I put it in writing that you are so right :) 

-Tanner had a second opinion on his back yesterday for the scoliosis issue.  After many many X-rays he was cleared.  Tanner does not have scoliosis.  He has some neck and hip issues but they are minor and easily corrected.  Jared and I are greatly relieved and so thankful our little man is good to go!

-Anneliese is all about "Princesses."  She is a princess, brides are princesses, anyone in a dress is a princess.  Well, after today Tanner has nicknamed her Rapunzel.  If you've seen the movie **spoiler alert** Rapunzel has long golden locks with magical healing powers.  In the end her hair is cut and she loses her powers.  Anneliese's hair was cut today by Graham.  She now has a super short spunky do.  I keep reminding myself how cute she is and not how long it took to grow those 3" that are now missing.

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