Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old Picture Tutorial

I started out with two smaller pictures and one large picture. They were a set with thick oak frames. To start I had to remove the paper backing from the framework. I used a butter knife to bend back the staples that held on the backing and I removed the picture.

I purchased a bottle of Modge Podge, a foam brush, and a book of scrap booking paper.

Tanner and I pulled all the sheets that had the colors I wanted and tore them into roughly 3"x4" pieces and began coating the old images with Modge Podge and sticking the torn pieces randomly.

Once we had the pieces glued down with the Modge Podge we put a thin coat over the top to seal it and make sure everything was secure. 

Here's the larger image completely covered

Here are the smaller ones covered and dried.  Tanner took special care of the one on the bottom.  He wanted it to be the one with the "S" on it so he added lots of butterflies for his mom.

I didn't get pics spray painting the frames, but it's super simple.  Remove the glass and the image, hang it on a clothes hanger or lay it on paper and have at it making sure to cover evenly in multiple thin layers to avoid drips.  Here they are put back together but before the final touch.

Jess T. owns a Cricut so I asked her to come over to help me make a couple letters.  We cut a 7" J,  a 7" S, and a 13" A in black vinyl.
We had our letter within minutes and I adhered them to the glass, hung the pics up on the wall and VIOLA!

without flash

with flash
I really like how putting the vinyl lettering on the glass (vs under the glass, onto the picture) creates a shadow and a decorative effect all it's own.  That's an Alisa tip from her Uppercase Living days :)

Total cost was less than $20 for supplies and the pictures were free!  Pretty good deal and it's exactly what I was wanting.  Add to it that Tanner made my "S" picture and it's something I will always cherish. 

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