Monday, January 2, 2012

A Year In Review

What a year 2011 was!

Just shows to go ya! (that was purposeful) You think you know what you have in store for your life and then without notice it all gets turned on its head!

May 16th (I remember the date because it was my Dad' bday) we embarked on a 7 month process that would excite us, scare us, grow us, exhaust us, and eventually bless our socks off.

We decided to take on a massive project of adding onto our house at Russell to make it a better fit for our growing family (7 people +1 bath= headache).  After some wise counsel, we decided instead to put our house on the market and purchase a house that better fit us.

Instantly, we had an interested party so the wait began.  Waiting for the bank, waiting for the new house to be ready, waiting for the buyer to be ready.  Slowly but surely all the doors shut except selling the house.  It sold quickly and we were left stunned and worried.

God had a plan and we decided to just trust and wait.

We ended up in a different house that was a better fit for us both financially and space wise.  While the other house was amazing, it needed updating and had a lot of formal space (entry, formal dining) that we wouldn't really utilize.  Our new home is a perfect for our family.  We use every square inch and having more bathrooms has been an amazing blessing.

We ended up in a beautiful home, in an awesome neighborhood where the kids have already made connections.  We see now that we needed the first house to encourage us away from Russell (a home we created and loved) in order to be blessed with this home.  It has been a blessing both space wise, and financially.

It was a long journey, but now that its all over we are so thankful. 

Home Sweet Home

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