Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Babies, Princesses, Sweat, and Carpet

-I headed out Sunday afternoon to go meet little Titus Solomon.  My friend Wendy had her baby and being military, they don't have anyone close so I took some food and stayed for a bit.  My intention was to help my notoriously messy friend with housework.  By God's design (I'm sure), her new husband is quite the neat freak so I just got to sit and enjoy my friend and her new bundle.

-The song, Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman has been around for several years.  When it was first released Jared and I both thought it was a bit much (I believe the term "emotional glurge" was used by my spouse).  I would like to note, we had not had Anneliese yet (nor had the Chapman's lost their little girl at that point).  Now that Anneliese is more than obsessed with Cinderella and goes about the house singing, "Cineredda, Cineredda, DO THE DISHES DO DA WAUNDRY, poor Cindarelly," my take on the song has changed a bit.  Anneliese has her new "pincess" dress and has worn it daily with only brief breaks to wash it and her.  We have been making her wear actual PJ's to bed but as soon as she wakes she begs to put it on.  Yesterday while driving home from Wendy's, the glurge came on the radio and immediately reduced me to a bawling pile of goo.  Not just weepy, we're talking full on ugly cry.  Ok, I get it now...

-I've been doing some personal training in the house.  I was a bit nervous to see how it would work with the kids and Sophie, but I think it's working out pretty well.  Better than I thought it would honestly.  So if you hear of anyone (females only please) wanting to get in shape and have some accountability with some sore muscles please send them my way.  It will be even easier as the weather warms up and we can do more outside.

-It is my dream to someday replace the carpet in the house.  It's builder's grade and it has some pet issues from before we moved in.  Due to the ridiculous cost of such a venture, I believe I will settle on having Brooke's ChemDry come out and do the upstairs (they already thoroughly attacked the downstairs when we moved in).  They do a great job and guarantee their work.  It is amazing how much better things look and smell once they're done.  I highly recommend them, tell them I sent you :) 

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