Thursday, January 26, 2012

ABC's Of Decorating

While wandering around Hobby Lobby with Katie R.  I found the cutest letters glued onto metal to hang on your wall.

Since they were 1/2 price I grabbed one for each of us in the family thinking I would do something with them somewhere in the new house.

I had thought about putting J+S=BTEGA above the couch but then I realize each little plaque required two nails!  That's a whole lot of nail holes I couldn't commit to.

Then I thought I would put them downstairs since I have neglected that space but I needed to paint before hanging anything.  So I got up early and put a fresh coat of paint in the room.  I considered attaching them to a large piece of wood but then realized it would weigh close to a hundred pounds.

After much thought I came up with the idea of hanging them from curtain rods on the large wall downstairs. 

"Huh?!" you say.

I went to Wal-Mart and for $2.97 each I picked up three dark petite curtain rods.  They are all the same I just extended the middle one out a touch.  Please forgive the pics, even though I have a nice camera I love to use my phone.  It's just so much quicker!

 I bought some ribbon that was the texture and width I wanted and cut 7 strips all the same length.
 Then I laced a ribbon through the back of each of the plaques.

I tied a cute little bow at the top and made sure they hung about the same distance between the rods.  Rinse and repeat twice or until all your letters are up :)

It turned out exactly like I'd hoped/planned!  It's a nice big display on a big wall.  Due to the petite rods it only sticks out from the wall about 1.5" which is important since this is a walkway.

I also really like this idea for combined families.  Since this is all first initials it includes everyone vs excluding one or more with last name initials.

Total cost: $30

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