Friday, January 13, 2012

Power Of Spray Paint

All of the fixtures in our house are a shiny modern brushed nickel.  They are super sharp but just not my style.  I looked into replacing the ceiling fans in our master bed, living, and family rooms.  Just for two fans we were looking around $300 total.  That seems ridiculous since they function perfectly and the house is only 5 years old so they're relatively new.

My sweet father in law agreed to come over and help me take them down so I could paint them.  Yep, paint them.

Here is what they looked like before (ceiling fixtures are difficult to get good pics of shockingly).
Silver with blond blades
We took them down and took them apart. Fortunately the blades are cherry on the alternate side so we didn't have to replace them. I used a $5 can of hammered black spray paint.
Richard propped it on a board and pole

 It didn't take long at all to paint the fans and they dried super quick.  Putting them back up really only took about 10 minutes each.

And here's the after!!  I am so pleased with the difference and they match perfectly!!!

Not only pretty, but perfectly functional
We also took down one of the dome lights in the living room and gave it a quick coat

Much better!  Slowly but surely I'll paint each fixture.  It's just so much cheaper and you don't have to sacrifice your preference just because your cheap frugal. 


joy_mcguire said...

Lookds great Shannon!

Jennifer said...

I love it! I am a big fan of spray paint. I used craft paint and a sponge on my brushed nickel chandelier to give it a oil rubbed bronze look. : )