Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leaps Tall Buildings

The other night I was snuggled deep in my bed fast asleep. 

I was dreaming and it was one of those dreams where you come in mid scene.  I knew something was wrong with Graham.  Specifically, there was something severely wrong with his feet.  Anneliese and I were there and were in danger and I was extremely worried about Graham's feet.

Jared appears and tells me to take Anneliese home where we will be safe.

I turn to Anneliese and tell her completely calm, "let's go.  Don't worry, Daddy will take care of Grahammy.  He's a super hero."

Then sure enough, Jared flies off into the air. 

When I woke up I immediately thought, "I have to tell Jared."

How awesome is it that even in my sleep my subconscious thinks of Jared as our hero? 

He may not leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he most definitely a hero to his family, minus the spandex of course.