Friday, June 1, 2012

I Got You Babe

Long ago in a land not far from here, where teenagers like to run a play....

Mission Lake Christian Camp 1992

A handsome young boy in a football jersey caught the eye of a redheaded girl.  She introduced herself and flirted with the handsome boy and before she knew it he was professing his love for her.

No seriously, it was like two days later...  Don't worry the feeling was mutual.

The couple dated like regular teenagers, going to nursing homes, and 5th Sunday Sings at local churches, youth group, and Wednesday night bible study at the Pastor's house, and of course Prom.
Senior Prom 1995
There was no doubt in their minds where they were headed.  Many conversations and tears were had at the thought of how long they would have to wait to marry.  After all they were only 15 when they met.

At 16 he came to her with very serious news.  He told her he had a calling on his life and God wanted him to preach.  He explained it would be a hard life (he was 16 going on 50) and wanted to know if she was still willing to stay by his side.  She didn't hesitate, she told him, "I will follow you wherever."

As soon as they were both 18 he asked for her hand in marriage.  She answered with a resounding YES!
June 1, 1996 I DO!!
On June 1st, 1996 they were wed in Lawrence, Kansas.  They had no idea what God had in store for their lives.  There were difficult times of course, but over the last 16 years their lives have been blessed, over and over again (they have 4 boys and 1 girl).

Omaha Zoo with the family

Christmas 2010

My surprise 30th bday party
They love each other more today then they did 16 years ago on their wedding day.  God is good, He has sustained them, ministered to them, and bonded them in a way that will last for decades to come.

Thank you Jared Altic.  Thank you for being loving, being consistent, for being strong, for being bold.  I am blessed to be your wife and am honored to live happily ever after by your side.

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