Thursday, June 21, 2012

Random Thoughts

-Jared and I have been struggling a bit in the encouragement department the last few months.  Ministry is difficult at times and can drain emotional reserves.  God is faithful and brings encouragement just at the right time.  This week we received a card and it made me cry and cry.  There are times that I worry that being in the ministry will leave me more broken than when I entered it.  A simple card of encouragement reminds me that we are in His will and He hears our cries and uses His people to remind us of His love.  God is faithful.

-Today my boys come home!  YAY!  It's been really quiet without them.

-Last night Jenny H took Brennan and Graham, and Jared had basketball.  Somehow I went from having 5 kids and hubby to just me and the girl.  We went for ice cream, but as soon as she went to bed I took a hot bath.  It was nice, for one night.  I like a full house.

-I've been going to this running class on Wednesday nights up in Leavenworth.  It's super tough but a great workout.  We run in the grass, up a hill, in the heat, in the humidity.  I understand know why people hire me to train them.  I do so much more with someone rooting me on and encouraging me.  Having him design the workout and then push us to complete it all while giving homework, is quite the motivator.  It's just for June and July so I think I'll look into finding a running group after we're done.  This social bug really enjoys the workouts so much more if I'm not alone.

-My scale has been gone for over a month.  My husband decided it was dictating my mood and removed it.  I got up one morning for my daily routine, went to pull it out before getting into the shower and it was gone.  It was funny at first, then I got irritated, now I'm on to acceptance.  Apparently my relationship with the scale was more than I had realized.  I asked him to bring it home the other day and he agreed but forgot.  It's okay, I really am better without it.  It's been good for me to just be healthy.  Running, eating clean, and trusting God that I won't implode without knowing my daily weight.

-I really must be getting old.  I was so excited that it rained last night, for hours.  I woke up this morning wondering how many inches we got.  Since when is this a blip on my radar?!!!!

-My summer is passing too quickly, I love having the freedoms summer brings.  I pray for a renewed spirit when it comes to schooling.  Right now I'm dreading the fall trying to cling to the easy breezy days of summer.  Maybe I should take a lesson to how I respond to exercise and do the same in schooling.  This social bug needs community in order to not dread homeschooling???  Hmmmm


Ana-Lou said...

sweet sweet "SISTA", may you know that your work is NOT IN VAIN. The doctorship that Abba, Father, God has entrusted to you is the most extreme cardiologist. For the Spiritual REWARDS of perservance is so worth your ability to press on!

He is there for you, Your hubby and those precious loaned gifts to fill that wonderful quiver!
Love, Always ~ one who cares!

Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to ME (ABBA-JEHOVAH)and I WILL TELL you GREAT and UNSEARCHABLE things you do NOT KNOW." =)

Ephesians 3:20 and Philippians 3:20

Twisted said...

So glad you are likeing the Wednesday night group. Saw you while driving by. I just received marching orders from the doctor. I'd love to have someone to run with, though I'm starting at square one. Hmmmm, a group running and a Wednesday night Bible study for it. How many takers do you think we would get?