Thursday, June 14, 2012


-Graham lost his first tooth. We had a expensive long visitat UMKC Dental School yesterday.  All but Brennan (he's at camp) had their cleanings and x-rays.  Graham had a super loose tooth and they cleaned it only to have it fall out moments later.  Too funny.
To all you mom's out there.  Weird question...Do you keep your kids teeth?  I have a small drawer in my jewelry box that is becoming inundated with tiny teeth.  Jared thinks it's disgusting and I'm beginning to agree.  My mom always kept ours so I've done the same.  Now that I have a rather large collection, and two kids left, what do I plan to do with said body parts?  Do you keep your kids teeth???  If so, what do you plan to do with them?

-Mommy had a slight melt down yesterday.  It was the normal mom feeling of, HELP!!!  I can't do everything!  Rational or not I was upset and yesterday afternoon Elijah, our once angry little bear, came up to me and said, "let me know when you pick up next."  Befuddled I just looked at him and said, "pick up what?  What do you mean?"  He leaned his fuzzy head into the crook of my arm and said, "I love you and don't want you to be the only one that cleans up after all of us.  Tell me and I will help."  If you're keeping track at home, Elijah is now my favorite.  (Kidding of course, please don't email me).

-Brennan is winding down his first full week at camp.  You would think with 4 others at home we wouldn't really notice his absence.  We all miss him.  Everyone at one point has mentioned wishing his funny, smart self was home.  Tomorrow can't come soon enough!  I'm in denial that the middle two leave Sunday. 

-We took our tiny Gus in for his first grooming.  I asked for a "puppy cut."  Meaning they basically even out his coat, trim his toe nails, clean his ears, and clean up his face so we can see his eyeballs.  I thought we were in complete agreement.  So you can imagine my shock when I walked in and didn't even recognize my little pup.

Not so cute


Eli kept saying, "I thought they were going to make him cuter, he just looks naked."  Gus was a very fluffy puppy that is fun to snuggle, now he is a tiny boney puppy that looks like he needs a cheeseburger.  Ugh, it's just hair right?  It will grow back...eventually...

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Twisted said...

Teeth - each kid has a baby food jar of their teeth. I actually just gave each jar to them this month. So it was funny to see you blogging about it.
Poor Gus-Gus, yes the hair will grow back. You could probably cut his hair better and cheaper. Neelix loved getting hair cuts, Casey will let me use scissors while he falls asleep on my lap. It is messy, but worth the savings for me.
Just start cutting his hair now, while he is little, with a lot of love while you do it.