Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby It's Not Very Cold Outside

-My baby girl is 8 months old today! How can that be?!

-I have a new nephew in case you haven't heard :) Welcome to the family Zachary! We promise to love you and cherish you!

-Jess and I are still walking about 4 miles a morning and it's mid November. We went out today with no jackets. I appreciate the ability to exercise but it just doesn't seem real that Thanksgiving is just around the corner when I had on short pants just two days ago.

-This week marks the end of lesson 60! The kids are quickly nearing the halfway mark for school. Eli read his first sentence today. "Jan fed the hens." It may not seem like much but I'm pretty impressed my 5 year old is rah-eee-dah-ing!!

-Tomorrow Chris C. and I are taking the kids to Crown Center for a field trip. They are going to watch a play at Coterie Theatre and go to Kaleidoscope. I am so excited!

-We are blessed. In light of our new nephew and God's amazing providence I can't help but just sit in awe of His blessings being poured out like Niagara Falls over the mountain's edge. Thank you Lord.

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