Monday, November 16, 2009

I Pity The Poor Fool

I want to know when it happened.

There has been a transition in my life in how people perceive me. People in general, not necessarily those who actually know me. I would hope that's because they know me well and know better.

When I am out grocery shopping or just out and about I have started to notice looks and a condescending tone from clerks and total strangers.

There was a time when I would get dolled up just to go to Wal-Mart or Qt. I was unable to leave the house without my "face on." Once in a blue moon I would notice someone notice me or if the kids were in toe they'd comment on their behavior or overall cuteness.

Over the course of the last couple years I have come to the mature understanding that I need to be concerned with an audience of 1...Jared. So I go to Wal-Mart in my pajama bottoms if it means I can leave the house quickly and go alone. I only wear my hair down when I'm headed to church or a nice date since Jared prefers it in a pony tail.

The occasional glances from random people have ceased and it has been replaced by an heir of pity from total strangers.

-Is it because I have 5 children?

-Is it because I am confident in my relationship with Jared and don't feel the need to wear a fitted shirt and mascara to QT?

An Aldi clerk today assumed I was using a Vision card while shopping for my family. She was obviously surprised when I paid in cash. She clearly didn't have time for me.

I feel blessed beyond measure by the 5 precious people God has allowed me to raise. My husband is a precious man that is a hard worker, has integrity, and has a passion for being an amazing father, husband and minister. I feel the need to inform these strangers that I am happy and content.

If nothing else I have learned that when I deal with others I will extend God's grace, God's love, and God's patience.

No one
likes to feel as if they are not worth your time.

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