Saturday, November 21, 2009

Goings On

-Our family has been sick now for 2 weeks! It's just the never ending head cold that just won't let you feel somewhat normal. I was really starting to feel better for about 24 hours when another cold hit. This one is a bit different so now I have head congestion with the horrible chest congestion and cough. YAY, grrr. I know you can relate. This stuff is everywhere.

-We have put in an order to cancel our land line. If you need our cell numbers please contact us and we will give them to you. This is just a way to save a little each month and the only people who really use it anymore are 1800 numbers anyway.

-Has anyone tried Proactive? My face didn't get the memo that I'm not 16 anymore. I have a ridiculous breakout on my jawline right now and it's painful and embarrassing. I would try it if it meant I'd look post-pubescent.

-I spent some time yesterday organizing the boys dresser. They each have a drawer of pants that fit just them. The funny thing was during said organization I realized that my 5 year old and my 9 year old wear the same size pants.

-Thanksgiving is Thursday! Wow that came fast. My family is coming over for a traditional gluttony feast. I love days to just hang out and munch. I can't wait to get my hands on Zachary. I better be over this mess by then. I went to his shower on Sunday and wasn't able to kiss him once. Courtney, we will miss you and the babies!

-We are officially canceling cards on Sundays. Jared and I really feel called to start a bible study or something. We're still working out the details but the idea is to reach people outside of our circle of regulars. It's been a lot of fun over the last couple years but it's time to reach beyond our comfortable snuggly little group and into our community :). We encourage you to do the same!

-Did I mention we're done with school for a week! YAY I'm so thankful for the break. I've been thinking all day, "I don't have to do school today,or tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. whoo hoo!"

-Our church rocks. I love you all so very much. We feel so blessed to be here and want to do our very best in the ministry God has provided. Thank you for your support and love. Wyandotte is home simply because you've made it that way.


Jen said...

I haven't tried Proactive, but I tried the Wal-Mart version of it, Acne Free I think. It worked, but I think it was a little too much for my face. I think I still have some of it if you would like to try it.

Alisa said... face didn't get the memo either. My acne didn't really start until I was about 30. NICE!! Every time I find a lotion or something that doesn't break me out they discontinue it.

I will say that I tried the rare minerals (by bare minerals) lotion and liked it a lot. It didn't break me out at all.