Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long Time

I'm not real sure why but I've not been in the blogging mood lately.

I've been working really hard on organizing and cleaning the house. We have cleaned the garage partly, I cleaned out the basement and even painted the walls. Today Jess T. and I organized the attic space above the living room and went through all of Sis' clothes.

It just seems like with a family our size we need to utilize every square inch of space. We hadn't really used our basement at all since we moved in. It's a smaller space that is really more of a fruit cellar than a basement but it can be used for storage and as a pantry for canned goods.

The basement proved quite the project but now that it's done I'm really thankful. When my house is clean and organized I couldn't be more content. Now I'm ready to take on painting the hallways. I may have just figured out why I haven't had time to blog lately :)


Anonymous said...

Well, good grief, Girl!!! You've got a lot done!!! How did the basement project turn out? Bless your heart! You're always working on something!!!

Love ya,
Mom Anita

Shannon said...

It's awesome really. Obviously it's nothing fancy but it's clean and I've moved my spot bot, bread maker, rotisserie, a case of pop, Jared's poker chips, and more all down there on nice clean shelves. My mom is getting ready to organize her garage and she has 3 sets of metal shelves she's giving us to put down there. It'll be so nice to have a pantry to fill up full of food for my hungry boys!