Saturday, August 13, 2011

Great Day Update

Yesterday was a really good day. A much needed bright spot.

We sold not two, but three of our Craigslist items including our china hutch. The dining room looks funny! Huge, but funny :). I needed $612 for the kids school books. I had a Aug. 15 deadline that I set for myself. If we didn't have the means to buy their Abeka books by then, I would enroll them in virtual school through the public school system. It's a super affordable way to still homeschool.

My biggest reason for not doing it sooner is consistency. Our boys have used Abeka since kindergarten and it's wise to stick to one curriculum to avoid gaps in their learning. Plus we love Abeka and I'm super familiar with it. I wasn't wanting to learn a new curriculum the first year I teach 4 kids.

So, just how much did God provide yesterday? We needed $612, and our total sales equaled $630.

We also showed the house to a sweet couple with one little boy and a baby on the way. Brennan loved their little guy. The kids wanted to know when he could come over and play again. Too cute!

They were super interested in a house down the street and I looked it up. It sold for $96 a square foot and we have our house priced at $76 a square foot (average for our area is $80/square foot). So hopefully they'll love it and see what a great deal it is and pounce!

Overall, it was a great boost and a huge stress reliever. I was worried we wouldn't sell the house in time to use equity to buy the kids' books. We drained our savings repairing the van and putting down earnest money on the new place. Now we have exactly what we need!

Just another reminder that God is rarely early but always on time!

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