Wednesday, August 10, 2011

House, House, House, House, House

I haven't written in a couple days for one...big...reason...

All I write/think about is moving and selling our home.

I don't know if you're tired of hearing about it, but I'm definitely tired of thinking about it. We showed it 3 times last week and know for sure one is a "no." That wasn't a big surprise to me. They live in a super nice subdivision and weren't looking to move. They have always admired the house and it was, "if it ever goes up for sale," kinda of thing.

 It's a weird place to be to try and sell something I have loved and worked so hard on.  It's almost offensive that someone hasn't snatched it up.

I have had several (10+) stop me and ask if we would rent it out.  When the boys and I cleared the lot next door, cars stopped and asked if we would be willing to rent.  I would if we could qualify for both homes.  Who doesn't need $3-$400 extra a month.  We just don't have the resources.

So we wait.  I don't pray that we move soon.  I don't pray that the house sells.  I really believe all this is God's plan for our lives.  My prayer is that I be patient and content with God's timing.

I'll try and think of a different topic and be back soon :)

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Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Your house has been on our thoughts too. Praying for you. I'm personally praying for it to sale soon.